Wednesday, January 12, 2011

brain dead and bullet proof

Three days away from the sawmill have given this weary old soul a chance to recover from the "real world" for now. By last night I had cabin fever bad enough to venture out for fiesta fajitas. There is still snow, but very little and it's cold as crap! With apologies to all ya'll up in the north, let's get on with it and have some spring. Always the optimist, I glanced over at the flower bed facing south and there was the green top of a crocus poking up. Yeeeeeeehawwwwwwww. Being off, I've had the opportunity to observe various "heads" talk about Arizona. To my utter dismay, there are still those who are claiming this tragedy a win for their particular way of thinking.....which is typified by the Westboro bunch. This, in particular, scares me for us as a country. There are crazy people everywhere who are ready in their twisted little minds to go down in glory. It's not a whole lot different than jihad. Only this time it's us against us.

Enough drama, umkay???? As mama would say "Happy thoughts!" I find myself day by day becoming more thankful for the lessons that I've learn and continue to learn from my family, BG in particular. We started this journey together a long time ago and it hasn't kicked our asses yet. The bond between she, my mother and I is one that will always remain, with memories of making little biscuits and playing nurse. Lucky for me, she quit work soon after BG came and was a constant presence in our lives. Now we are working together, the three of us, to find some sanity in this whole "who's gonna live where" thing. If I do have to move? At least I've got the attic mostly clean.

Peace and love ^j^

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  1. As always Miss J, it's the simple way of thinking that sees through the crap. Pardon my french... Hugs and prayers.