Wednesday, January 26, 2011

winter sunsets

They are my favorite color scheme as sunsets go...all blue and pink and light orange. When I went to bed it was snowing and I woke up to a couple of really pretty inches that hung on the trees like glue until the sun came out. Roads were clear and work wasn't bad. See what a cheap date I can be? Doesn't take much to make me happy. Like picking up my W2. I hope the feds don't run out of cash before they get to me because I sure could use it.

I was a bad friend declined to get back out yesterday to go to my friend's visitation, so I dropped by during lunchtime to pay my respects. I found her hubby standing over the casket with a couple of tears running down his face, heartbroken at the fact that his beloved Sally was gone. We talked for awhile about the end of her life and how hard it was for all of her family making decisions about care. He mentioned one doc in particular who helped them to see, clearly yet gently, that there was no use in keepin' on with the interventional stuff. He wasn't even her normal doc..just another in in the group that was treating her and was on call. This nameless faceless hero did something that most physicians have a really hard time with, which is telling the truth about the patient's prognosis. For one thing, they've got a god complex out the wazoo, most of 'em and it kills their souls not to be riding the white horse. And there's always the opportunity to fail to recognize quality of life because it affects their finances. I'm not saying all, by any means. There are certain times when we must remember "do no harm". Ya'll would have nightmares over some of the crap I've seen.

On a happy note, one of my kids is in labor as we speak, headed toward a C-section with Georgianne on the other end...nah. Out the belly! I find it oddly comforting how Big Ernie saw fit to bring her on so we all wouldn't be so sad. She has an older cousin, a boy, who will show her the ropes and toughen her up while the rest of 'em are making her a princess. Doesn't sound like a bad life to me. Welcome to our world girlfriend....and good luck.


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  1. What a LIFE post. Endings and beginnings. Circle of life. Keep the faith.
    Hugs and prayers.