Sunday, January 30, 2011

air strikes and lost labs

I was just tickled to death today at the sawmill not to have to work my ass off and, instead, have the opportunity to see all the Egyptians raising hell with their government. According to somebody's news channel, two thirds of their population is under the age of 40. I did notice that Al Jazeera shut down hastily, so I can only figure that either the pyramids are gone or there's a new government with a more moderate Islamic tone on the way. If not, we're all screwed. Ya'll all know how a bunch of arabs can start a stink when we start walking instead of buying their oil for our foreign made vehicles.

We keep Faith in the house just about 24/7 because she is too lazy to run anywhere tends to cross the 51 by-pass on a whim, especially when she's in heat. Since southtown got flooded and FEMA took over, there's not many available males up there for her to make friends with. UPS was closed today for the Lord's day so, there ya go. BG found her wandering up at the auto shop up across the road from the pond where the scrap place is. She's kinda' pissed because she's on a cup a day. Maybe the dudes up there gave her a second helping of something. She had been ACROSS the highway, bless her heart. One time I picked her up at the biker bar right smack across from the pond. This sweet little gal all dressed in leather took her in and handed her right back to me when I came looking for my pretty brown girl. Pepper, our blue heeler was the golf course mascot back in his day. Charlie and the gang over there fed him hot dogs and let him ride on the cart up front. Sweet deal for a dog, dontcha' think? Being a heeler and all, he could smooth chase a ball on the fairway. He and Charlie were best buds.

The end of Pepper's life came when one of my daddy's friends let some really tame racoons out here on the lane and Pepper proceeded to protect our territory from the invaders. Seeing as how they were tame and used to coming up to their friend's back porch they didn't realize that there was somebody in charge out here protecting me and the BG. They clawed the hell out of his face and soon after he disappeared into the woods to die. I will never forget the day that I picked his wormy little ass out of a litter and brought him home as a surprise for BG who was away at Girl Scout camp for a couple of weeks. We were all fierce friends, even though he chased my pushmower and actually managed to pull the tires backwards out there on the sunny south bank where the yellow iris grow. Those came from my great grandmother's house on Pate street.

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  1. Some of my fondest memories involve dog critters...