Tuesday, January 18, 2011

this too shall pass

It is gloomy and cold and I'm nice and warm, surrounded by my family of dogs, cat and BG....all in their own perches, of course. As the dryer squeaks in the background, I sit here waiting for something...not sure what, in particular. That seems to be a habit that we learn as adults, putting life on hold and not fully experiencing the moment because there's something coming up and we might be late! Oh.My.Goodness. as we say in the South. Hey...I'm learning, umkay? I was always the second latest to family gatherings, followed by my youngest brother who will be late for his own funeral. The older one is as punctual as a drill sarge.

Something deep inside of my soul has shifted somewhat, assuming the position that I refuse to give more than honor and a good memory to tragic things. If only the MSM could learn to do that! I don't even watch local news anymore because it's all about who shot who or who's messing with politics in Memphis and I don't even live there. Truth be told, I hate to GO there. Everything is an ordeal and I'm spoiled to the easy way of living in a small town. Following college graduation, I had a job offer at the big teaching hospital there and got as far as getting the U-Haul loaded then got a gut feeling it was the wrong thing to do. So here I am 33 years later at the one and only job I've ever had other than babysitting and lifeguarding. Oh...and selling shoes. For someone in my field, the small town hospital is the way to go for keeping up with work skills and technology. In large hospitals, techs are isolated to one part of the clinical lab and don't have a clue about the other departments and what tests they do. I can honestly say that I still use most of what I learned in school, and then some. I could have made a lot more money working on travel contracts but that would have been difficult to do with a child at home. Plus, I'm just a homebody at heart. I like to go on vacations but I'm always ready to get back to my real life. I'm either terribly lazy or learning to be content. Ya'll be the judge.

So....I'm thinking I might need some vitamins or some B12 shots or something to give me a little energy, and then I remember that my body is much older than it used to be and starting to wear out. Fortunately, I've had relatively minor health issues thus far, and I attribute a lot of that to staying active. Like to the point where BG has accused me of being ADHD. What she doesn't know is that it just takes me longer now to get my shit together. But I'm learning to be organized, from her and also from my boss. If I can ever afford new tennis shoes, I'll feel a whole lot better. But then I think about the cobbler's son who had no shoes..........Folks have been telling me for years that I should be "doing something" with my artistic side, meaning learning to make money off of it. I've struggled with that off and on over the years, afraid that something that brings income or is seen as a job somehow loses the joy from within. It takes a very disciplined person to make a living like that, and disciplined I am definitely not.

Hump day's coming up. Keep the faith ^j^

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