Saturday, August 22, 2015

unbroken circle

In the continuation of life and death with visions and totems leading the way, my friend Lorna mourns the death of her mother.  Their family is large and well organized with adult grandchildren taking most of the planning because she's got grandchildren of her own in house...aka Jasper and Gracie.  We met through a mutual friend who just knew we'd be a thing, and she was right.  Our shared heritage of agriculture and the Mighty Mississippi was a springboard for a long and  rambling history of Lake county as told to me by not just her, but lots of other folks.  A port sits there now for transport of *goods*.  There are a few to-die-for fish houses, but not many.  Lorna has been actively involved in preserving the heritage of her family farm in this atmosphere of dog eat little farmer.  I admire her spunk and intelligence and my heart breaks for she and her family.

Meanwhile, down at Casa Grands, Mom is busy packing and sorting and actually looking forward to moving day.  The really cool thing is that we don't have to do it all in one day, and I thank corporate for that gesture.  I'm off today and it looks like I'll be in my new jammies until bedtime.  It's just that sort of mood, ya' know?  BG went shopping and hit clearance at Old Navy bless her heart.  We need retail therapy sometimes, and I do so hate to shop.

Today's happy happy happy! is about the Americans who took down that terrorist on a train.  Kick ass and take names, guys.  This kind of bravery accomplishes more than twothree wars over oil.  Desert Storm, remember?  I'm way behind on YouTube watching and got treated to Listen!Linda! during class yesterday.  I haven't laughed that hard in months.  Meanwhile, the whole world is Feeling the Bern and I am in freakin' heaven.  Think outside the box folks!

My procrastination has been deadly but I am keenly aware of limits right now, especially my own.  Much of my time over the past years has been spent working around work and then you go there to see your family.  The kindnesses that were shown to my family by co-workers will never be forgotten and soon will be broadcast if I can just get gear to do it.  Today might not be that day.


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