Sunday, August 23, 2015

road kill

I went down to help Mama go through some things yesterday and ran across a dead coyote with his eyes all bugged out right smack in the middle of the road.  His belly was swollen but he hadn't been there long and when I  came back by I snapped a shot to send my brother.  At first he thought fox but was Wile E Coyote freshly hit.  I bet it was that hoodlum down at the end.  This is why I can't live in that house because he would run over my dogs and I'd go to jail for murder.  See?

 It's been probably five years since I've set foot in Walmart and I begrudgingly did it today because I needed things that you can't get at Kroger or the Gentral'.  There were 98 TVs on the wall and all I could hear was the theme from House of Cards only Frank wasn't on the screen.  Football was!  My purchases included a DVD player, new remote, memory card reader and 3.00 reading glasses.  Oh...and a case for the newest badass phone.  They called wanting my damaged device and for me to pay my bill but I've been a little busy so they'll just have to value me as a customer enough to allow time.  I just now did a little thank you  note writing because I feel bad about not being truthful with my Mama.  They will get done, just not in her time.  

BG went gathering at the food store yesterday and prepared the most delicious dinner I've had in ages. Through all of this drama we have depended heavily on pizza and burgers which gets old quick.  There are veggies and a little bit of everything including (meunster) monster cheese.  She's house hunting and I'm attempting to put mine in some sort of order.  Like she said "All you're doing is moving stuff around, Mom." And she's right!  That's what a piddler and sorter does.  And then, we purge.  The dishes have been piled up for days and I finally power talked myself through them before dinner yesterday.   This old girl is smooth on a mission to make a comfortable nest.  

Speaking of which, Mom has some pieces that my late uncle made for Aunt Granny coming to the home. Jimbo was quite the craftsman in many areas.  Her bed will be by the window facing Lake Road so she can see the world going by as she makes HER new nest.   It's a bittersweet process and one that I'm glad we have the opportunity not to rush with.  That house is so full of memories just from the 59 years they've been in it raising family.  The noise level was always on max when Daddy was there because of the TV.  Now, it's quiet often as I pad around the old homestead gathering something else for her to sort through.  We have major piles people!


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