Tuesday, August 25, 2015

september song

It's that time of year folks, and next week it will be my birthday month....the 60th one!  I've been looking for the autumn clematis to pop open a few white blooms and today they're showing up.  It is a fast growing ever consuming vine that will eat the nearest object just like kudzu does.  I planted the original right in front of the propane tank and it's casually draped over the end for effect.  Only two of the original three fence pieces stand.  I tore the backside off and sold it during one of my manic cleaning episodes.  I did get a few custom made by SEM frames out of it and returned the favor when he got married this year.

Daily, a new revelation appears to me as part of this new chapter.  I  have a frog boyfriend who sits with me while I potty, peering through the foggy windows.  There have also been one very dead coyote and a brazillion butterflies which is such an August thing.  I've always hated the month because of the heat and humidity that can be had, but it does comes in handy for farming.  I heard there was an earthquake 25 miles down the road and also where they're fracking in OK and TX.  What do you people not understand about "unstable".   Everybody in Henning thought the prisoners had taken over.   Today's Bernieism: De-privatize prisons.  

Tomorrow afternoon we plan to honor a team member who has been there longer than me and has helped me to cross the nursing/allied health barrier and understand case management.  When DRGs became the payment method, everything started being bill at a set rate per hospital stay.  If you get well quick and go home, they make money.  If you stay there and become a repeat patient you start costing not only money but quality of life.  The legal and ethical implications are astounding when you think about the ethics of do no harm.  My research for hospice included a lot of picking Kathy's brain.   It's her turn to rest, and I'm ecstatic for her.  

I remember the day before Daddy died I was at work and more than one person said "Why are you here?" Honestly I would have rather been anywhere else but there, but my father lay very ill and needed me.  When we hit the ER on hernia night, I knew it was over.  The most annoying thing of all was that whiny ass drug seekin' bitch next door wailing because the healthcare professionals have her number.  Honest to gawd, I saw her family and thought bless y'alls hearts.  In the end it was, as we say in healthcare, an "outcome" reasonably expected for such a severe illness of such an elder.  He lived a good life and was loved and respected by many.  

That being said, I am so excited about the new Mama that I could put it all over FB and then people from the internet would find her.  Tommy is gonna' rig up the house phone with Jitterbug and other nifty tricks.  During the past five years, more or less, Daddy had been intermittently septic resulting in multiple falls, both on and off concrete.  He continued to drive the 'gator until last year when it went to "winter at the Junction."  His favorite thing was to drive up and visit our mayor, Mozella.  She and Gerald are the elders now, along with Mama by proxy.  For a long time my motive for staying where I am has been to care for them.  That reason is about to be taken out of my hands.  It's what faith does, when you believe that God is good.  

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