Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Not to be outdone by the bigness of ATT ( and their new family memeber DirecT )  I made a big loop of errands starting with Mama's place for some paper signing and the post office plus local store where Nick the friendly manager took a payment because I can never remember my login and they cut you off quick.I will never forget him snarling at me while Josh sold me a 600 dollar device.  Note to self: Autopay is your friend.  Kay and and I cruised the UT room and a couple of Daddy's things are now being put to good use.  That, makes me smile.

So, my DSL was cut off for non-payment and I couldn't see what was going on in the world this morning which isn't always a bad thing.  If it's coming to an end I'd rather die oblivious.  Therefore, I'm typing this on an ancient Word pad hoping it will cut and paste when the innerwebs get available.  It usually takes a few hours for that payment to "process".  I looked at boxes for my new phone and thought about the last stop which was, of course...the dolla' gentral. The SHADY one!  I am the proud ower of a new box fan which helps an old girl sleep.  Amen and amen.

Spending time with mama and KK today was bittersweet as Mom recalled us playing as kids out under the big cottonwood.  There's another tree there now that's almost as big as the cottonwood was when it was cut. Hollow, through and through.  They are everywhere in our region, a stalwart along rivers.  And when they bloom?  Magic little fluff balls everywhere.  *achoo*  The surprise lilies aka nekkid' ladies are about gone and that makes me sad.  That was the last type of flower that Daddy picked for Mom.  She's looking forward to the move and (still) sorting.  She can seriously get some work done in spite of her inability to see well.  It's all in the touch.

We are all, on some level, reeling from loss and pain because it's a part of living a full life if done honorably and with pure intent.  Grief is real and when it's not expressed it turns into a big fat monster of " I can't let go."  Control freaks everywhere go through the ritual of worship as if it's a task to be marked off today's list.  I swear to Big Ernie, the past six weeks have been a constant state of church for me.


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