Saturday, August 29, 2015

the sun also rises

I've pondered the idea of moving into Casa Grands just to keep it available for the fam.  HOWEVER, the view up here is to die for and down there in the "flats" you tend to get boxed in with crops.  This house sits high on a hill where the sun comes up over the golf course and sets right in front of my porch, all in a rural setting that is isolated from the neighbors and such.  I am in the direct path of the emergency helicopter service on Jackson runs   Corporate jets do business at the airport which is just on the other side. During the flood we had to drive on the freakin' runway to get out of here!  That was when James Frank took Daddy in a boat for a doctor's appointment and me and the BG almost died in the back of a crackhead's pickup.  You can't make this shit up.

I'm still scared of snakes even though I know that they aren't the devil but simply an animal representing change.  I've never killed one because I'm afraid he would come back to haunt me.  My worst fear other than drowning or burning would be a snake pit.  This guy, I feel sure, is at least friends with the one who sunned on my straw bales.  Or the one that actually swam downstream in a rainstorm right past the bathroom window.  Most of mine are black, but over in the woods there are copperheads.  My neighbor used to shoot 'em.  

Mama had lots of company on her first day and we discovered that her next door neighbor is the mother of some friends.  I've been so busy I've not put it all together in my head and was delighted to see them (still) moving things in.  There's a big construction project next door with lots of mud but the movers were able to get in through the back way because of the big-ass truck.  They overestimated our needs, for sure.  I wish you could have seen the look on the guy's face when I told him Mo designs hotel rooms for a living.

Emotions are still raw all around.  The loss and change of the past year has changed us in a way that family has gone away in quick succession.  My friend Sheila's dad passed away just weeks after her mother.  She was there for me when I said good-bye to my own, like so many others.  Grace and peace shown in the love and support of others is what Jesus would do.  My friend Keith called me out on posting an anti-GOP meme  and in some respects he's right.  Anything that we use to divide people any further is not what's needed.  The American way is truly unity and that's the only way change will ever come to this messed up government.  Money is too much a factor. So is the church.  Read your constitution.  

Bedtime was way before sundown yesterday and went for almost 12 hours straight.   I depend on those nights to catch up and just be a slug.  Picture that if you will.  Being used to up by 5, those naps are a treat. All three dogs pile in and we snuggle.  This is REALLY handy during the winter when north wind blows over the hill.  That's when I'd rather be in the flats.  


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