Saturday, August 8, 2015

by the light of the moon

Monday evening I noticed the moon rising at dusk behind our barn, shrouded in mist and reddish orange.  It was a supermoon kind of night and I watched as it traveled from the barn across my bedroom window.  It was still there and led me to the hospital one more time but I wasn't going to work.  Instead, we met as a family and let go of Daddy again, this time to a much better place.  As the sun rose I marveled at how the whole thing still goes on in a hospital even after one has taken leave.  It is a cycle that is a part of work to me but not one that I take lightly.  Over the years I have spent a lot of teary  hours with friends and family  at the bedside.  I thought we were gonna' have to bury Mom too but she's coming back around and looking ahead.  She is isolated here on the farm and she needs some socialization.  It's as if she was respecting Daddy's wishes to stay here even though it wasn't safe.  The last conversation the three of us had was quite heated and involved him saying not just no but HELL no to assisted living.  Alrighty then!  I do so respect a running Stafford fit.  I think he would have loved it by the way.  

The air base just south of my house is home to a WWII veteran's museum and they host an annual air show which just happens to be today.  I noticed last year that my yard is a perfect place to watch the comings and goings of these vintage planes as they stream in for the show.  Way cool, and one more blessing of living on Pecan Lane. The farm owner renamed his lane last year ( and not Pecan ) and I've been having mail troubles ever since in spite of filing all the required notices.  Mom gave us all church directory portraits made earlier this year and now one of them sits in the cabin aka "museum" behind the dairy barn.  That's where the history of Calcutt Farms is being recorded.  

My parents grew up during the war years and remember them well.  I experienced it second hand through pictures and stories that they have shared.  Lots of Dyersburg gals found husbands from the ones who were stationed in Lauderdale.  USO was big and everybody supported the war effort, unlike today.  Beginning with Vietnam, more and more citizens of this country began to see that our invade and plunder tactics are harmful not only to the invadees but to us in the form of massive military spending when people are homeless and hungry.  We will not "win" the war.  Nobody will.

I missed the GOP debate of course but from what I hear it went as expected with Trump distancing himself from the pack quickly.  Even that bunch doesn't want to be identified with his brand of crazy.  And how about Ben Carson, a man whose time has come?  An African American conservative.  As we say here in the south "how nice."

Gotta' get busy on the purging around here.  It's a new day ^j^

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  1. My husband was very impressed with BEN Carson.