Wednesday, August 26, 2015

give peace a chance

I was getting on the elevator today when I spotted an elderly man with bags of who knows what.  He broke the news to me that some guy went postal in VA and shot a live television reporting team, evidently over an old grudge about his termination.  Between the time he got canned and today, sounds like dude has been simmering and plotting over his "mistreatment" by the former employer and was all tech savvy so as to record it and then when the cops moved in on him he offed himself.  I totally understand having a death wish....many folks kill themselves slowly by lifestyle or whatever and often quickly with a weapon.  But WHY in the name of God, do you presume to take innocents with you?  You..with the gun and the power and the anger. These people did nothing to you.  All you want is to go down in a blaze of glory much like radicals everywhere including the jihadists we fear. Those who would say that it was racially motivated are way off base.  This is insanity in its' purest form and there is no protection against that other than taking down evil as it appears. The last picture taken by the photographer was the face of the man who murdered him.  You can't make that shit up, and if you do it's gonna' be a Lifetime movie.  Somebody wanted to be on TV again, and he was until all his feeds got shut down.  Go internet people, go. Homeland security has to start somewhere.

My brother did a remote feed from VA to a talk station in Memphis and I ended up listening to some bank lady talk about credit scores and home loans and it wasn't all boring.  I can't believe that I'm almost 60 years old and have no assets other than the clothes on my back, plus a few antiques.  I stopped by to hug my retiring co-worker this afternoon and she told me that if it weren't for hubs, she couldn't take that step.  I guess that means I'll die trying. After that I did a couple of errands and ran by to check on Mom who was holding court with not one but TWO visitors.   And then?  I became the devil again by phone.

It's pretty and there is a nice breeze.  Bye Felicia!

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