Saturday, August 15, 2015


The emotions are surfacing here there and yon with a vengeance if you know what I mean.  Mama gave James F the grill this morning as she prepares to leave the home she's known for 61 years.  We're trying to convince her that it will be there for family occasions ( like September birthdays *hint*) so it's not like we have to pack her panties and drop her at the door.  Arrangements have been made and we shall explore this new chapter with creativity and big dose of southern charm.  Gentle women like herself deserve to be pampered.

Sawmill:    Always busy.  I cursed myself by bringing the dreaded thank you notes inside and ended up leaving them as I scurried on out to home.  BG visited with Mom and we've talked already so I'll catch up closer to bed.  Which won't be late, by the way.  I noticed on the lobby teevee that Bernie is kicking ass at his rallies and that gives me some sense of  "I told you so" mentality to naysayers.  Never say never to a smartass redneck girl who has nothing to lose but faith.  That 's usually when one tends to jump or make the leap.  I'd say it's time to take off my seat belt except when the Super Troopers are on patrol.  In the middle of freaking town remember?  Not cool Mealer.

Chinese explosion:   ISIS or manufacturing technology that is not inherently safe?  You pick.

Regrets:   I don't have many and struggle with letting go of that because it robs the soul of peace and happiness.  Coulda' Shoulda' Woulda' is no way to enjoy life especially during ones' "golden years." Hopefully Sugardaddy will show pretty soon and it'll be all good. My favorite GYN passed away after a long struggle with cancer just months after his daughter died suddenly.  I guess we're not the only ones caught up in this whole life and death thing are we.

End of Life care:    I am passionate about giving patients options at the end of life when they are available.  If they are not, keep looking because somebody somewhere understands.  It may just be the surly housekeeper on 2N who's about to get her first WOW card or one of those vampires from the lab.  Angels appear when you need them most.

Plan next................



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