Sunday, August 30, 2015

old friends

I've been housebound since Friday more or less because the pollen is unbearable and my FNP wouldn't give steroids over the phone.  My left ear is infected with something that is not what scientists would call "a good thing" and I feel blessed just to get the antibiotics.  Right now my eyes are the major problem, weeping and swelling when I'm not in an air conditioned environment.  And yes, I'm whining.  I met up with a couple of friends for a casual breakfast this morning and we traded stories about things that only the three of us could comprehend because well?  We were there.  I learned a lot about alternative treatment for seizure disorder which is *you guessed it* cannabis oil.  After that I went over to check out Mama's finished room and found her in the recliner, kind of surprised that I showed up.  The  aide came in to announce lunch so I walked up there with her in the caravan of medical equipment carrying folks to their noon meal.  It's the perfect place for someone who needs supervision and minimal assistance.  She is happy, which is something I've not been able to say in a very long time.  She asked me what's going on in the outside world and I didn't have the heart to tell her that crazy people are still killing innocents and Donald Trump may be our next POTUS.  By my calculation if people don't get behind Bernie in a big way we're screwed.

I went yesterday to sort of have some alone time in my childhood home.  It looks different, and not in a bad way.  The clutter is becoming manageable (except for the upstairs...OMG). We have the luxury of time that many do not enjoy when a family member dies.  Who among us has not carried some loved ones' stuff in a box to a new home for sorting and sifting.  That is how BG tidied up after Pnoler's death.  His was the second of four that we spent family time together.  The first was Ginner's  way back in the spring..  Aunt Granny was next and that's when I ran over Daddy's foot at the funeral home.  Can you say overwhelmed?  The Lake county branch was there as well as for Daddy's later on.  When 'Noler died I was in kind of an awkward situation as to my status, you know the ex and all.  This one was also after work and Lori picked up Mom and Daddy and met me there.  I still sat with the family...mine, and his and ours. 

We discussed halfway points this morning when tossing around political issues like Obamacare. In the beginning I was all for it because of expanded coverage opportunities for those without company sponsored plans but it has turned into just another cog in the wheel of big insurance.  Exchanges my ass.  As a fiscally moderate democrat, I see that going away as single payer becomes the only way for our healthcare infrastructure to survive.  It should not cost an entire life's wages to get medical care, especially the preventive kind.  


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