Sunday, August 16, 2015

lost as a goose

I haven't been back to the cemetery since the day of Daddy's funeral so I cruised by after work and discovered myself at the dead end looking up on his hill.  Hmm.  At least I caught a glimpse of my grands, great-grands and uncle.  After much backtracking I made my way to the general area where he was laid to rest but never found what I was looking for which was a bright UT Vol cap on a flower spray.  Some cemetery worker probably has it on his head while watching Nascar. Anyways..I'll try again when it's not hot as hell.

Mama is all a'twitter with "things to!" which really looks good on her.  She had pretty much gone into a pit of despair during the dark times and it's heartwarming to see her come back to life.  She loves piddling and now that she's on a mission, it's on like donkey kong.  Ironically, my friend Lorna is sitting next to her own mother's death bed holding vigil with family.  It's what we do, you know.   Holding space for Wanda and company ^j^

Y'all know the expression busy as a one armed paper hanger...that was me today.  The really cool thing about it is that I can walk away and know that I've done my best for those people on that shift.  If you are one of those folks who frequent our ER looking for drugs, let me remind you of the screaming banshee next door to Daddy when he was admitted for multiple hernias.  When I hear that voice again, I'll recognize it and give her an Oscar for that night's performance.  I walked in this morning to find that a co-worker had brought me flowers and a card in remembrance of Daddy and I about cried.  This young'un has a Latino soul and we dance on occasion to Pandora.  Shhh.  Don't tell HIPPA.  There's probably a fine for that too.

I don't have a clue about the news and really don't care because it's mostly manufactured and turned at a profit.  Print media is gone by the wayside with the exception of periodicals because of the sheer logistical nightmare of production and delivery.   That's why we all have smart phones...duh.  Over and out from the lane.  If you get a random call from me at an odd time and I'm crying just don't be alarmed.  Grief takes a while to dig through.  ^j^


  1. Bless your heart. Thanks for sharing with us. It hurts for a long time, and then it hurts some more.