Wednesday, August 12, 2015

all things southern

My mother would just fall over if she knew I share things like she sold the family silver to pay the home for her care.  She was out of pocket for five months and during that time Daddy had the house to himself for the first.time.ever.  And you know what ?  As much as he complained about her bitchin' he missed her and couldn't wait to visit, like on HIS schedule around the news.  Then he would eat a pot pie and turn the light on the flag or some other of the litany of things on his OCD list.  In the end he talked to himself quite a bit, repeating the drill over and over until Mom would call me all in a spell and I'd have to....well, you get the picture.  Spending the past six weeks with my father as he traveled the halls of modern geriatric care via a very rural portal has been an experience you can't make up.  I just got an EOB today for that last ambulance ride from the home to the direct admit.  They want a "copy of the statement".  Right.  I'm also on the hunt for a CSA number which is evidently something you can't get because the OPM has been hacked.  Geez.

One of Daddy's old friends told us about an insurance policy we weren't aware of so that's in the works so we can pay the bills for MapleRidgeMania!  Today's totems include surprise lilies and a cardinal perched outside the bathroom window.  I'm sure he was a messenger from my Daddy telling me that every thing's gonna' be alright.  Mom has been an absolute manic mode over the thank you notes and can't even enjoy the cards for all the worrying.  I took it with me and will assure her that it's being dealt with "properly" by her very genteel and southern daughter and grandgirl.  We are who we are because of her.  Well, some of it!  It hurts me to be outside at this time of day because I remember walking the yard with my dad looking at every little growing thing.  He did it with MeMama as well.

My second favorite but much older Redcoat passed on to glory yesterday at 92 and I swear he was working up 'til spring.  His family is special to me in a lot of ways including the mad crush I had on one of those boys in high school.  Yeah...there were a bunch of them.  I fall in love easily, okay?  But I have boundaries earned the hard way and see something for what it is.  If genuine concern is your  motive, payback is not a factor.  PL told me her family smooth talked themselves out of writing the notes when they saw it was socially acceptable not to do so anymore.  Tell that to my mother, y'all.   My very first notes are WOW cards for my hospital peeps who kept me sane during a very trying time.   I'm sure I'll forget somebody but hey..I try.  Faces keep surfacing of those who did their jobs well while comforting me and my family.  That, my friends is quality care.  Right here at home.


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