Sunday, August 14, 2011

sleeps with dogs

My native american friend Suzy, like most cherokees, has an Indian name as well as the one her parents gave her when they plucked her out of a cave in New Mexico. She tells me that as the legend goes, the baby is called by the first scene that the mother witnesses after its' birth. And hers is Two Dogs..uhm. I hope they weren't stuck! I've taken on the name of sleeps with dogs because that is precisely what I do and it makes me happy. So there.

It's a beautiful day in the hood and after yesterday's pity party and today's cleansing cry, I feel like a human again. The camera that I inherited is mighty fine, and I'm learning little by little how to use it in the amateur mode. Now that the weather is tolerable, I'll have more chances to explore with it. Being used to a point and shoot is something that I have to get over. Many thanks to the count for thinking of me as a fellow photographer.

I spent yesterday afternoon at Gigi's pool with an assortment of friends and family who were all very unique, and had a ball. And yes, there was beer involved. It was a lovely day...not too hot and low humidity. We laughed ourselves silly figuring out who's kin to who and what this or that one is doing these days. Mindless chatter. It's good for the soul.

I've purposely avoided watching the news because all I see is pictures of Rick Perry and it makes me SICK. That type of mentality is why we are stuck in the dark ages today. I am a god, if not fearing, respecting woman but I totally agree in keeping religion and politics on separate sides of the fence. I do not believe that the downfall of this nation is because prayer was "taken out of school". Mandatory public prayer was removed by law, yes. But any student at any time can give Big Ernie a shout out if they so desire. The constitution plainly states that there should be separation of state and religion. Evidently today's evangelicals think they're beyond all that ancient history. Bullshit. I don't need the ten commandments posted in a courthouse to remind me what they are. I know 'em by heart.

The grands and I went to you-know-where for eggs and doughnuts today. It's amazing to me how we go there every week, and rarely see anyone that I know except for the staff and occasionally their church buddies. Daddy had to settle for chocolate doughnut HOLES today and somehow that wasn't quite the same. Such is life.

Keeping the faith here, in spite of things unseen.



  1. "I don't need the ten commandments posted in a courthouse to remind me what they are. I know 'em by heart."

    This line should TOTALLY make it into a national debate someday. Soon.

  2. LOL DBFrank and Jennifer, but the part about two dogs, erm hope they weren't stuck made me laugh the loudest.
    happy day