Friday, August 12, 2011

the gray areas

There's this guy at work who drives a big honkin' SUV that bears a bumper sticker, a rather LARGE one, that says "I don't trust the liberal media." I noticed today that the "CUT SPENDING NOW" one is gone. It was even bigger. As a self confessed liberal, I can honestly say that I don't trust either party's media. I simply watch them all and make up my own mind about who's a snake. The majority of the time he or she is either a term limit waitin' to happen or some cookie cutter pretty person who spends millions on a campaign for an office where you virtually turn your life over for your term. At least that's the way Mr. Smith would have done it. I am not a fan of Obama the president, but I actually felt sorry for him today as he plead for some civil talk about what is really on the table. In his words, there's nothing wrong with the country but with the political system. Do I hear an amen?

I looked through a gallery of faces today, the military folks who were killed in that Chinook over in neverneverland. They were all smiles...not a bit afraid of dying I'm sure because it's what they do. They are soldiers for their country and all the good that can be found here if we only stop being so damned self centered. I used to spend tons of money on clothes, even charged them up on plastic. I can't tell you how long it's been since I even bought a new shirt or dress. It's just not important these days. I feel like there are more important things to do, like pay back the propane guy. And dentist. And hand surgeon. I'm all about comfort anyway. T-shirts and boxers are my favorite jammies.

In case I haven't made it crystal clear to my friend Drew, I am totally absolutely enthralled with spotify and it seems to help with the artistic process as well. But of course, you knew that :) Add my next fancy ass camera to the mix and I just may be in business. My friend S at work is trying to find some lost RAM in a box somewhere so I can speed up the process of becoming a photogowriter. Hell, I've waited this long..what's the hurry?

My 56th birthday is creeping up and BG will be 27 shortly after that. At about this point in August of 1984 I was fat as a cow and walking the halls of the hospital with a blood tray propped on my hip. Not, at all, a happy camper. On my birthday that year, my mama gave me a music box of mother and child to go with the wedding one I had already received. Now if any of ya'll know how the hormones are about two weeks prior to baby's happy arrival, you can imagine what a snot slinging event THAT was. My labor lasted three days and a cool front came through right about the time she was born. Breath of fresh air..that's her!

I read an intriguing article today about how we rarely disconnect from the "real" world long enough to go into a peaceful sleep. There's always that table by the bed with the light and the phone and the alarm. He proposed that waking to an alarm is not natural, and that we should adjust our habits (by going to bed earlier) so that we wake up without it. Kinda like on Saturday morning when you're off and are caught up on chores. At this point in time I'd love nothing better than to be on the porch of a beach house watching the sunset. WITH margaritas.

See ya'll on the other side.


  1. Happy Early Birthday, Sweetie Pie. I hope you get that amazing camera.
    I totally agree about the political stuff. It is a mess.
    We were just talking about the "law of the harvest" Washington doesn't understand this. They are just a bunch of crooks and don't understand that you get what you sow.
    I hope all goes well for you. Happy birthday to BG as well. <3 to you

  2. Glad you're enjoying Spotify Janie. It IS pretty cool!!
    We're all waiting on your book :)

    Blessings upon you.