Tuesday, August 2, 2011

in the heat of the night

It's that time of year, ya'll. Like when it takes a couple of hours past sunset for the house to even begin to cool down following a day of hundred degree torture. I must say that the new unit has helped with that, and is much more energy efficient. Of course it helped that the installer actually opened up the duct fully for the first time in 17 years. Sheesh. I had considered asking for a rebate from the landlords but it was all my daddy's fault. He believed in doing things the easy (and cheap) way.

I noticed a post earlier about a big pot bust in Virginia where the state police were busy confiscating plants and raking in the money that comes with a big operation like that. Here's the thing...fighting the "war on drugs" is a big moneymaker for governments. Thus, the violence and corruption involved therein. An old friend of mine actually got busted by a local cop who was strung out on stuff himself and was following him to see where to get it. And we're not talking mary jane here. Marijuana and its' active ingredient, THC, are nothing more than a natural replacement for something that is produced by the powerful pharmaceutical industry which insurance companies buddy up to and make deals. The buying power of the brokers that insure us is boosted every day by drug companies that tout this or that new and improved name brand. It's like two devils dancing together around the fire. The same applies to law enforcement and drug dealers. I've seen the scenario played out a thousand times in this small town city and the county that surrounds it. The front page of the newspaper is routinely plastered with the local sheriff's department pullin' up plants and burning them at the golf course behind me. I never smelled it though.

I watched Keith Olberman go off today and I've got to say that he said what was in my heart that I just don't have the energy to spout out. How dare our elected government officials play a game where the elderly don't know for sure if they're gonna get their SS benefits! They have worked many years for that, as I have. If they can't do any better than grandstanding, I'll just move somewhere else. Like Fiji. Maybe I'll call Truman and see if he has a map.

Over and out from the hill. Ya'll stay cool ^j^

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  1. We allow them all their vices. Perhaps, someday, once again a leader will get the American people to LISTEN and LOOK at what we have become. Our Founding Fathers sure as hell didn't figure on THIS form of government... Matter of fact, I do believe they fought against it.