Friday, August 26, 2011

piggies in the corn

Sittin' here on the verge of a major financial decision, which includes a cold turkey resolution on sat TV and the lack thereof. I watch it MAYBE two hours a week all total and the rest of the time I'm either sleeping working or computing. It's a habit, if you will and one that can be very expensive. I won't miss it a bit. I've had two days off and watched nothing but a rerun of Weeds and Chelsea. The rest of my knowledge came from the interwebs.

The corn is still not shelled yet but it's getting closer to harvest time. My lawn yard is dead except for a few sprigs of super bionic orchard grass, and we've had plenty of rain. I've been off for two days and ran some errands for mama and daddy yesterday. It was pretty bittersweet to stand there and watch my father cash in the treasury bonds that he purchased in the last years before he retired as a federal employee. Everybody at the bank and UPS store were just sweet as pie. I think that was in '87 when BG was just three years old.We moved here on the lane that next spring.

That was a long time ago, and we've seen a lot of drama and joy since then. People come and go into our lives, sometimes forever and sometimes just because. If you have any sort of faith at all, that's the way to look at it. I got sideways with an old friend the other day just for trying to crack a joke on a bad day for her. I totally understand. Life can be a bitch and then you die. Love ya...mean it. Today was my swan song at Gigi's pool and we did it up right in early fall breeze after some car relay duty. Love you too sista'.

I guess Irene is gonna wash away the east coast so I better check in with Jim Cantore. I'll be at the sawmill all weekend so holla if you need some blood.


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  1. Ditch the TV - give this a try. I'm just sayin'.