Friday, August 19, 2011

carlee and me

Most of BGs friends either have husbands or babies or both, so I'm easing back into the being around kids thing. My roomie has three grandchildren who tend to drop by out of nowhere for a few hours while their parents get away for a bit. Such was the case yesterday when I kept Carlee awhile so her mom and dad could go riding in the bottoms. She is about five weeks old and constipated, as all babies tend to be until they find the right food. She was fine until I fed her and all that gas backed up. Even though I got a couple of burps, it took a pacifier and her grandaddy's front porch glider to get some peace. By the time her parents pulled up with a full sunset behind them, she was out like a light. I think she loves me ;)

Most weeks I work a few days and am off for one or two. This was the deadly five day week going from weekend off to weekend off. We weren't that busy, thank goodness, because I've felt like shit crap all week. I figure it's a dog days cold or something. The corn is STILL there taunting me with its' green while I long to get my full view of the dairy barn back. That's a plus in the winter. The pecan trees that overhang the lane touching leaves are lush and have virginia creeper and trumpet vine all over them. It would be an excellent movie set! One visitor remarked that the arc of trees reminded him of lanes in France. It is truly a gift to drive that lane every day and watch in awe as the seasons change. The hill in front of the barn is covered with kudzu, but will soon be bare until next May. Another visitor who is a hunter is drooling to go find Bambi and her turkey friend and I have to keep reminding him that it's a "sanctuary." Ahem.

No fires on the homefront this week, which is also a blessing. My mother and I have a movie date tomorrow and I'm honestly excited about the prospect. She called today asking if I have her roasting pan. Every time she can't find something, she thinks I borrowed it! She mentioned a craving for chex mix the other day so I imagine that's her game plan. I finally decided to upgrade the memory on the old Dell and it wasn't as easy as described sooo...another friend is coming after work to help with that. God is good. All the time.

No plans other than a very looongg nap and the movie plus church duty. The rest of the weekend is mine. Ya'll get out there and make some noise. It's Friday!!!!