Wednesday, August 3, 2011

simple truths

I tend to be a wanderer when I write, which usually means that I'm all over the place and not particularly paying attention to grammar or building on anything. Yeah, I'm one of those idiots who write because it's good therapy. As long as I don't disrespect someone else by name, this is my place to ramble on so that the next generation will know how they got knee deep in alligators without a boat. I'm real optimistic like that sometimes, occasionally even pollyannaish. When I look at all of the hatred and evil in this world and consider that it is all about greed and power, it makes me want to just dig a hole and tunnel to Canada. The 104 degree high today made me think of that.

The aches and pains of osteoarthritis settled in some time ago but I've managed to keep them under control with OTC meds like naproxen. My left hip sleeps on a pillow just like my head and it's all good snuggling. I ran out of pills and didn't have the cash to get more so I didn't take it for about a week. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm still on the mend. It's probably time for new shoes too...those concrete floors are heck on your joints unless you get a new pair every three months or so. But wait. I'm rambling again.

My lawn yard looks like the overgrowth of orchard grass that it is with decent rain and hot temps keeping it a vibrant green with very TALL seedpods. In other words, I step lightly out there to avoid Mr. Snake. The shadows are now full fledged fall even with the sauna and the ree-a-rees are loud! Mom and I spotted fall at about the same time, like we usually do when it gets so hot and stuffy that it wilts the hairdo to get in your car.

I have several friends who are reeling in disbelief at the departure of one of our own from their corporate environment. This man has been reading my blog for years and we have raised our daughters together. He and his daughter brought me Sammy D one muggy Memorial day and my life has never been the same since. He traveled internationally to help his company work on the cheap so that they could cut him out of the picture right close to retirement age. Another company did the same to my brother who had been loyal in a supervisory position for years. To him, and to his family and friends, I say "we shall overcome." If not here, on the other side. Love ya...mean it.

I'm sure we saved some lives up there at the sawmill today because that's what we do, after all. Bring us your sick and dying and we'll try our best to make it a little easier for you. We are in transition now with some easing out and others easing in, getting ready for the short haul that is between here and "normal retirement date which is subject to change at any given moment" Well, you know. According to whether or not Congress gets it worked out and all. And then the Easter bunny hopped through the woods and met Santa and his elves and they tackled the New Year's baby and whipped his little ass.

Just checking to see who really reads. I'm off for two so expect lots of rambling.


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