Tuesday, August 23, 2011

little miracles

I was walking through the lobby this afternoon for the tenth time and caught a glimpse of folks reporting an earthquake in New York. Huh?? "New York" I said to myself...very unusual. As it turns out that whole area of the country got rattled including my brother the weatherman who's been tracking Irene for days only to get all shook up during lunch with the fam at Basic Necessities. Go figure. He's due for some acts of nature because he misses tornado season in the south. Nestled in the valley, they get flooding and such but never wildness like a funnel cloud.

I've spent forty bucks and a bunch of oh shits trying to install new memory in my ancient PC and today was eureka! When I finally heard that soothing hum, I could have shouted out to the heavens, ya'll. Nothing is more frustrating to a writer wanna be than having to wait on the cursor to catch up with your fingers. Yes, it was that bad. The way I figure it I'll get through with my daily pontification and photo duties quicker and have more time to enjoy playing outside. If it ever gets below 90 again. I'm just saying. I'm learning, little by little, how to use the super dooper camera that JL gave me. Gigis' brother-in-law aka Precious is an avid photographer and I dropped by her house to hook up with him for some tips.

Some of you may not get this, but to me there is nothing better in this world than eating produce that was home grown. I'm not big on tomatoes but I love squash, okra, peas and potatoes. We fried up a big mess of KY okra last night and ate it hot out of the iron skillet. It's like God's way of saying "See. I told ya'll I'd provide!" I'm thinking the earthquakes and those slippery Libyan brothers are just a reminder that we better stock up on bottled water. According to the reports I've read, even if the rebels succeed in ousting the dictator, it will take a year for their oil production to boot up and there is no "go to guy" anymore. What is somebody just as crazy and evil as him gets the power? Not my problem, nor yours.

Keep on believing ^j^