Saturday, August 27, 2011

by any other name

My legal name is what I go by when it pertains to work or business, but the rest of the time I'm just old Janie Poo Poo. I received a check, a final notice from the radiology group with which I work, and a letter all calling me a different name from either of those. I'm wondering if I can refuse based on their failure to get my name right? The check was a surprise, expected in September and needed to pay ATT. It was quick as lightning that we got our service back once I posted that payment. Must be a direct switch up in the process somewhere. As for the teevee, I broke down and paid it but I'm out of contract so they better be nice. I'm on a serious mission to pay off the propane guy, dentist and hand surgeon. By that time I'll probably have to have surgery on the RIGHT wrist.

I watched the early morning shadows outside the windows at work today and saw fall in every one of them. It's still hot, and it's mighty dry but the intensity of the sun doesn't seem to have the staying power that it did just a few weeks ago. Or maybe my new central unit is kicking butt and taking names! Probably a little of both. Even though my allergies are the worst from August thru November, it's still nice to feel the nip in the air that comes with shorter days and cooler nights. In my department alone, there are six or seven September birthdays so we'll all party with the big bosses one day for lunch.

I'm seeing the farm equipment in and out more frequently as the growing season comes to a close and harvest begins. Besides the combine work, there are big patches of grass to be kept trimmed so they can get in and out of the fields with the mighty green and yellow big boy toys. In my lifetime, I have seen a complete turnaround in the farming business. Back in the day farmers were paid NOT to grow a certain crop so that we could buy it cheaper somewhere else. To me, personally, that was a big part of the failure of our economy. The citizens of this country have everything we need to sustain us yet we continue to buy from other countries. I'm not a Clinton hater or anything but NAFTA was his claim to fame (along with you know who) and that's a sore spot. LEST YE THINK THAT I MIGHT BE A BLEEDING HEART COMMIE LIBERAL.

At the risk of sounding like an old-timer, I miss the simpler times. Like...really bad.



  1. Mayberry never looked so good.

  2. Hey now wait a minute, if ya'll didn't like the FTA and up here they were all whining about this thing, what the heck? I thought it was to benefit everyone......oh right, it only benefits the big corporations being able to move goods and people across the border without restrictions....