Monday, August 29, 2011

and then beyonce got a baby bump

That was the "feel good" story today beginning a week that still includes massive flooding and damages from Irene related rainfall. I watched as one of the circa 1980 covered bridges in Vermont was washed off the base and wondered to myself. How ironic, remembering Katrina. Ron Paul, about the only one of the GOP bunch who has any sense, suggested that FEMA bow out of these catastrophes and let the states handle it thus cutting down on the sheer SIZE of federal government programs which could not possibly have enough oversight what with the opportunities to contract out their services and make a profit. Nobody knows the lay of the land like the locals.

So anyways, there's old Dick Cheney out there pimping his book and pissing off Colin Powell and a whole bunch of other people who had his back and I think it's hilarious. If I was trapped on a desert island and his was the only book made up bunch of lies on the island, I'd have to go for a swim. Yep. I hold a grudge, and I don't blame Dubya nearly as much as I blame Cheney and Halliburton. Keep on playing fools. Eventually, the people will speak. See: Libya

The shadows are already gathering close to my house and it's only seven o'clock. My BF and roommate lost his dad so there's funeral food in our immediate future. We have shared the best and the worst of aging parents, and wouldn't trade a million bucks for the experience. If there is a realistic plan for end of life care, we're the poster children for all kids who still HAVE kids who depend on us and cope with both ends the spectrum.

My camera is a source of joy again, this time with more bells and whistles than a point and shoot door prize could ever think about having. The first full utility bill with the new unit arrived in the "post" today and it was about 125 bucks cheaper than this time last year. Thanks ya'll...our budget needed that boost.

Ya'll call it like you see it. It usually works out, at least in my experience.


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