Tuesday, August 9, 2011

no excuses

Fresh from therapy, I find myself thinking once again that perhaps all is not lost and that, as my daddy is known to say..."It has always been thus and so." We were chatting at work the other day about the strong resemblance between what is happening now in the world and Left Behind series. I prefer not to think of it that way, but either outcome I'm not worried. I feel sure that I'll be up there strumming a harp and look out over the gates to see all my favorite pinheads get put in the goat pile. That's the way I believe in Big Ernie...as a provider and comforter not some big bad thoushaltnot. Sometimes the lessons are hard to learn, and I'm a not very graceful survivor of many, but in the end they bring about change and growth and the ability to adapt. That is what it takes to survive right now. Hopefully by the time it all turns into a reality show like deal, I'll be makin' music.

Count Zubrovka (i seriously did not make that name up) delivered a gift yesterday in the form a a really REALLY nice camera the likes of which I've never even used. It will take some learning, but I'm all about that. I am flattered that he felt the need to give it to me because this man takes photography seriously. He's just bought a new one so I got lucky. His family lived next door to my grandmother's house on College when we were little kids....that's how far back we go. Clad in a faded Beatles' t-shirt he showed me how to operate it and even left a book and charged batteries. Can you imagine my joy!! My first pic was of him.

Mama and daddy'n'them are still hanging inside until the heat breaks. Their endless days inside together are enough to drive anybody crazy. Miss Faye, bless.her.heart. comes four days a week to make sure they eat good and have a clean house. The rest of the time they're on a wing and a prayer but the alarm is usually turned on by 3PM so I'm not too worried. They both have cell phones, ya know. It is what it is and I'm in it for the long haul.

Mama told me yesterday that a certain angel friend of hers dropped by over the weekend and read to her my post from Mother's day of this year. She got kinda teary and so I had to go back and look because, honestly..I couldn't remember. It was the tale of me and my pneumonia stricken self coming to visit on mommy's day and ending up at the sawmill for a week with daddy's very own pneumonia. That was probably one of the worst weeks of my life, healthwise. Not being able to stop and heal drags it out that much longer. And makes us stronger :)

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