Monday, August 8, 2011

hummingbirds and dust bunnies

My mission, for the past five years or so, has been to clean this nasty ass house and get things organized. This is not a simple task for a lazy pack-rat like myself, but I'm learning. Certain things have sentimental value and should be preserved. Old cardboard can go. It was that bad. Today I got to the bottom of the dirty dishes, sans dishwasher and the laundry is in the works as I type. My roommate asked me one time why I didn't just do a little every day and not have to do the big fat honkin' clean all day routine. This, coming from a man. *snicker*

We missed our first chance for rain today with only a brief shower around midday. I can see fall beginning to march rather than slide in, with the skies a little bluer and the breeze more frequent. It could still happen 'cuz there's lots of fluffy clouds rolling around soaking up the moisture. Gigi and I tossed around the idea of a pool day but decided to get bit and clean house. My friend, Count Zubrovka, has a camera that he's handing down to me since I've been without and ya'll know how seriously crazy that makes me. If I can't play with pictures, I write like a maniac and listen to music. If the satellite gets cut off, it won't hurt my feelings a bit. When we first moved here, there was nothing but an ancient antenna on the roof and two channels. I'll never forget the day we got something better and the kids were watching I Love Lucy in Spanish. A whole new world, ya'll.

The hummingbird feeder that I have hangs to the right side of my tiny front porch, surrounded by pots of oxalis that I grew from Yaya's yard. When the feeder gets put up, the pots come in and winter around the house, always reminding me that good karma is just around the corner for those who have faith. Looking at the hard times behind me, I'd say they're probably a good omen. There is a crop or oregano and basil out back that needs to be cut back and used. That is my next project on this day of piddling.

Hope yours is as great as mine ^j^

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