Sunday, August 28, 2011

the circle of life

Snuffy gave up his fight with this world today at around 1PM. His children have surrounded him for weeks now...helping their mother to cope with the pain and stress that are involved with a home death, even with hospice guiding them. His babygirl and grandaughter both have nursing experience so that's been a blessing. Dying is tough business, even if you've got all your stuff laid out, so to speak. But honest to God? Nobody ever deserves to die alone. There's just too many people in this world for that to happen. It's eerie in a hospital when caring for someone that you know is passing over. Sometimes the family is already there...usually they're called in. But sometimes the patient is elderly and has no family or caregiver. Now THAT is sad, ya'll. It has helped me, over the years, to see my vocation as a ministry of sorts.

I'm sorry to report to the sawmill bean counters that this was a very manageable weekend where nobody got really bored but we didn't bust our asses. Those days are few and far between. I brought breakfast from the doughnut place since I was missing my weekly date with mom and dad. You'd have thought I was Santa Claus or something. If in doubt, bring a box of glazed! Daddy got the leftovers.

I feel things changing..not really tilting per se ,rather a curve in the road where the bumps are still gonna be hard but experience will put them in perspective. Not that I'm old and wise and all, you know. *giggle*

Rock on folks. Life is a highway.

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