Monday, August 15, 2011

the plot thickens

I've been in one of those deep thinking modes where your butt is pinned against the wall and you've gotta figure out how to make it fly. I'm talking a spur of the moment visit to the payday advance place to avoid a 35 buck overdraft charge. I had one of those last week when I was 22cents short and that, well that's why bankers are rich. I'm ready to take it all out in cash and put it in envelopes in a mason jar, depression style. And send my IRS payment in rolled pennies. Hah!

The political scene is just downright tense these days what with all the GOP folks plotting to overthrow the president and allow us to pray at football games again, bless their hearts. The only one of the bunch that I have any respect for is Ron Paul because he is a believer in the pure form of the Constitution without frilly perks like PACs and government subsidies. I have heard from kentuckians that his son is really radical in their state, cutting health benefits in a very VERY poor state where the mainstay has been farming for years. I had to learn the preamble in elementary school and thought it was just boring, but now it seems like a basic building block for sanity. Hell if you can't make a goal, punt.

It's amusing to me to read the rhetoric surrounding the butt whipping that healthcare thing took. The guy I read today discussing it said exactly what I believe about the whole freakin' mess...put Medicare in charge and do a reasonable premium. Cut out the middle man,aka insurance companies. That is not "universal"'s common sense. The greater the number of contractors and businesses involved in the spending of government money, the higher the risk of greed and corruption taking over. That ain't cool. Case in point....the famous Ford family of Shelby county. Last I heard of Ophelia she was falling off bar stools in Nashvegas.

Ya'll can write me in if you want but I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

Peace out ^j^


  1. Hilarious. That is the way IRS should be paid. In pennies. I think it shouldn't be in rolls though, they should have to count it all.
    I am writing you, 'cause I LOVE you.
    touch that with at 10 foot pole. *grin*

  2. I knew a ten foot Pole, he played on our basketball team.