Saturday, August 13, 2011

out of moves

I live here on the farm with two roommates, neither of whom seem to grasp that my salary alone cannot cover expenses for the three of us. Very often, the dogs and cat eat more better than we do. My roomies do their own thing, oblivious to the fact that the old Poopster is toiling away at the sawmill on reduced hours trying to make ends meet. I reckon they're just along for the ride. It is what it is.

I should probably just pack up and move, which I'm currently in the process of doing. Not sure where it will lead, but I know that sitting here on somebody else's homestead is not the way to proceed if I'm gonna have a nice place to die. At last count, I've paid upwards of 80K over the 23 years that I've lived here. The new dude raised my rent so that's been tough. A house built in 1918 that has withstood all the weather coming across from the west is not very energy efficient, if you know what I mean. I buy the cheapest detergent that the dollar general has and still it doesn't work out on the balance sheet. Tonight I'll be using dawn for soap. Lest we forget, I have a college degree but no old money. Only what I earn check to check.

This year I will probably bring in 45K, after 35 years of giving my all to healthcare. With a degree, and a supervisor's license, for which I pay dearly. That's on the table too, being shuffled amongst the electric and propane and dentist and hand surgeon bills. The teevee will soon be gone unless one of the roomies decides to step up and take charge. As for food, I'll go to the church pantry if need be. I have begged and borrowed to get this far and have no pride when it comes to asking for handouts.

My gas tank is empty and I have church duty in the morning. Any questions?

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  1. And yet, your faith shines on - inspiring the rest of us Janie.
    Some gather their rewards here on earth - others store them for Heaven...