Sunday, August 21, 2011

mean irene

Bound for the King sisters to head for a Puerto Rican vacation and get a date with Irene the future hurricane. If anything important has happened in the state of the world lately, I've been "unplugged" so to speak. I can only take so much of reality until I go lookin' for something happier and brighter. No agenda is a very good thing, and something that I'm learning to incorporate into my behavior patterns, which requires that I think short term instead of long term and deal with it as it comes. I have my favorite ways to escape, most of which are legal and usually involving play time with a camera or keyboard. My KY cousin and her hub were here for a birthday party yesterday and we all met up at the red log cabin for a quick meet and greet. I managed to bring home half a watermelon and a whole bunch of okra, squash and 'maters. The squash got cooked up just like my mama used to make it, boiled with onions and topped with buttery crackers and cheese. Ronnie and daddy took a spin on the gater, down around the slough and up to my house.

Most days, when it's cool, he'll get out and putter up and down our road visiting the neighbors which include our mayor Mozella and her peeps. The three of them, my mother included, are walking...if very slowly..history books of life on this farm. Mr. Brandon who grew up here is the other historian. There's a tiny little graveyard set to the front of his yard that I used to visit as a child. As an adult, I fell straight down the hill and TORE my freakin' hamstring while BG and I were exploring. Scared the crap outta that poor child! Fortunately she was old enough to drive me home. The entire left side of my body from the pelvis down turned black and purple. Scary stuff. It took about three months to regain complete mobility and after that I had a whole lot more respect for athletes who pull that kinda stunt.

It's almost "football time in Tennessee" which means the orange and white stuff is coming out of the closets where it's been stored since January. The kudzu bar is not officially under new management and the plans are to make it more sports bar kinda friendly so that you don't have to hang stand up at the bar with the guys to see the game. There used to be an old school jumbotron sort of deal back in the day. I'm sure TD will make it nice.

Happy monday eve ya'll. See you at the sawmill if not before.


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