Monday, August 22, 2011

love thy neighbor

And who is your neighbor? In the corporate environment we are accustomed to identifying the client base and the resources available with which to do business according to current law, which tends to change capriciously day to day. In that case, your neighbor is the clients you serve and the providers who give you the means to carry out the mission, whatever that may be. In my case, it happens to be healthcare and I've got to say (without boasting, of course..that would just be rude!) that I've made a difference in a whole helluva lot of lives over the years. For the longest time I saw it as a ministry to which I was appointed by Big Ernie to do what Jesus would do. And that was BEFORE the bracelets that made somebody a whole shit load of money.

KY cousins dropped off a jar of basil tomato jelly which mama passed on so I tried it out on some toasted baguettes with parmesan and green onion. This stuff is to die for good. Maybe in my next life I can create recipes on somebody else's dime. Umhmmm. When donkeys fly. Speaking of which....I never ever thought I'd see the West Memphis three walk but I've always thought there was too much inbreeding going on in that whole deal to even begin to figure it out. It's over. Get past it. Move onto the next thing. If the judge was smart, he slapped something on them like Caysey got before she left, banning book and interview deals. With that extra stray DNA in the woods, only god knows. Two of them partied at a downtown Memphis hotel, and the other at his home trailer park in West Memphis to celebrate their release. Natalie Maines will more than likely take a whipping on this one just like she did with Dubya. And that too shall pass. Echols was a goth lookin' kid back then which was not a popular look around the 'hood. He was an easy target with his unusual of the few outwardly dark characters in a motley crew of three.

Yes indeed, the poopster is rambling. Because I can.


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