Monday, February 1, 2010

the thrill is gone

Okay teachers, enough with the snow day chants already. Looks like another day at home for the kidlets around the burg tomorrow. Today was a "drive carefully" day but most folks were out and at it again. It was magical being held captive for a couple of days, but only because I had some roommates who have just enough kid left in 'em to want to go out and play then make a beer run on the way home. Daddy was bound and determined to make church so we went to Mel's for breakfast afterwards and soaked up the atmosphere.

A friend sent me a message with a link to a possible missing Daisy, so I looked it up and then did a walk through at the humane society. No Daisy. There WAS however, this older settled very sad looking beagle named Lady. Daisy better get her butt back here or she'll be replaced by an older model who is house trained. BG and BF have already told me that Faith is going with them when they move, so Sam will have to have a playmate. Besides, I can't sleep with any less than two dogs.

Conflicting emotions are swirling around in my head these days which results in a lot of silent activity both at work and at home. Mentally, I am preparing for the next step in care for my parents and the departure of the birds from our nest. As any parent can testify, there are pros and cons. I told them when the conversation began that I was okay with their decision as long as they didn't leave me hanging, and they certainly haven't. Both have stepped up to the plate to help me find a comfortable spot, both emotionally and financially. Yea team!!

My roles will be modified in the way that only the passage of time can make happen, and transition is something that I prefer rather than flat out *boom*, it's different. I am blessed to have this time with all of them as we find out what's in the next chapter. I'm hoping, against all odds, that's the one where Sugardaddy shows up and brings some beer and an ability to carry on a conversation that doesn't revolve around himself all the time. By the way, I'm free for Valentine's Day and a damn cheap date.

I picked up the pace with my driving today and just about spun out on the lane trying to navigate all the slush. Major thaw, ya'll. It's still on the ground though, and I saw many family snowmen proudly waving at passers by today. That and the puppies at the shelter made me smile even when I felt like crying. Must have been Big Ernie at work again.


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