Sunday, February 21, 2010

a dog's life

Our house is a favorite place to celebrate things like birthdays because there's a nice spot for a fire and we can always whip up something tasty and delicious. Plus, it's kid friendly. Last night we honored Blanca for her 47th, with two grandchildren and one grandog in attendance. Conner and Natalie are about the same age and just love it here on the lane. They fuss and fight like cats and dogs when they're anywhere else....but not here. John Boy has this flashlight he wears on his head out in the dark and Nat had a fit to wear it so she could see the cat all curled up in BG's room. Conner rearranged the furniture. Business as usual. He brought me a present that he picked out HIMSELF and hand delivered, even though it was his Nana's birthday. I love it when that happens :) We go way back with that bunch to high school adventures, complete with miraculous rescues and family angst.

As we pulled into Mel's parking lot today I spotted this beautiful brindle and white puppy positioned on the back of the seat in this truck parked out front. Me and Daddy admired her through the glass as Mama eased toward the door with her walker for two soft scrambled eggs, grits and two sausage and biscuits, with one to go. Our waitress was absent so we took a table up front as the owner, whose name is NOT Mel, took our order. Sweetie came back in just in time to get a harsh glance from him for not being on the ball with the old people. It doesn't take much...we're totally predictable. Dude with the puppy checked out right ahead of us and let me hold that baby for just a minute. "Chick magnet" I said. That's what pets are, especially the cuddly ones.

I've been watching a hand me down tiny television ever since I became a single smartass gal 8 years ago. If I remember correctly, my friend Kay offered it up from her garage when she realized I was serious about the divorce and TVless to boot. She and Claudine loaned me a dime or two to get through the whole ordeal and I've never paid them back. Someday, girls. When sugardaddy shows up, ya'll will be the first to sail on his yacht. I bought a slightly used set today from my cousin's boy and his wife so I feel like my outlook on life will at least a little bit enhanced by a bigger screen where I can actually see the hotties on Oprah.

They're thunder in the vicinity with that southerly flow clashing with the next cool front. Notice I said cool, not cold. Hopefully that's history for this winter. If not, we'll roll with it.

Happy monday eve, ya'll. Keep the faith ^j^


  1. We got some crocus coming up, but Winter, the old basta... guy, is still hanging.

  2. With friends like that you've sure got your back covered. Hugs and prayers.