Thursday, February 11, 2010


All of the valentines I've bought have been for special people because I just don't do that sort of thing a lot. I picked out some for my parents to give each other and they'll "get it" when we read them out loud :) V Day will be their 56th anniversary, bless their hearts. If the don't kill each other first! We've done the shopping, so they're set to celebrate. Ooops...better line up my co-caterer.

BG gets one from me, and my Mom too. She's always made hearts with her butter cookie recipe and iced them in hot pink with confectioner's sugar glaze. They are, quite simply, to die for. Doesn't matter WHAT the shape is. We make them at Christmas every year and put spinkles on top. Yummmmm It's not exactly romance, but take joy any way that it comes.

The snow has turned to slush and mud and that's about all I'm going to say because it's a sore subject with me and my driveway. The dirt is flat already....let's get some gravel on that puppy!!! Every parking lot has a giant mound of dirty snow, the remains of one storm right on top of another. I think we're done for now but the deep south is getting their dose. As for the people in Virgina and Maryland, somebody call all their mommas and see if they've got bread and milk.

It's funny to see spring flowers poking through the snow because it just doesn't happen that much here. Usually by February the snow is gone and we're seeing at least one day where you can go outside in shorts. Not this one! My weather forecaster buddies tell me it's El Nina at work and that tornado season will be pushed up to April. Like a more NORMAL weather pattern. Ya'll know I like the seasons to be distinct and on time. Even the sweaty one.

Happy ladies night. Ya'll have one for me ^j^

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