Wednesday, February 24, 2010

whine and cheese

Okay ya'll....enough is enough. I'm pretty strong when it comes to not being a baby with sickness and stuff but DANG. Can't a smartass middle aged country girl get a break???? This beast has had me by the balls throat since Saturday. Pass the kleenex, please and thank you. I kept trying to get somebody at the sawmill to just shoot me and be done with it but they're all woosies when it comes to guns. Never have to worry about any of them going postal ;)

I'm on strike from eating in the cafeteria because the check-out lady is a bitch made me open my plate the other day to ensure that I wasn't stealing an extra bite. Everybody knows what a thief I can be...gah. The devil will ice skate up to her debit card reader before she collects a dime of my money again. So there, Flossie. I gave you up for Lent. Rant over.

The weather is moderating a bit with less snow and more rain and almost-fifties which is a very good thing. Last year we had several accumulating snows in March but none before that. Let's hope we've had our turn for 2010. I've noticed goldfinches on my thistle socks and a robin or two hopping around. No blooms yet, but they will come. March is the month when the cattle will be sold. I told Bubba I wanted to take one last tour in his truck with a camera before he loads 'em out. It will be a very odd silence without some bessies mooing in the background. Cows are ornery, ya'll. I thought he was gonna have a heart attack over those calves jumping through fences last spring to get to the green stuff.

BG has had a bad case of strep and has been home for a couple of days recovering and cooking my supper which is something I could totally get used to. Oh, and she cleans too. She's the one who has taught ME to organize things and reduce clutter. BF paid off the washer for us and feeds the ornery old horse who will soon be moving across the road to the dairy barn. Pride turns his butt to the face of anybody who approaches him except for Johnboy.

If anyone needs me I'll be in the bed for about 32 hours. Leave a message at the beep.



  1. Get well soon, sweetie. I know how you feel, having just arisen from my sick bed where I basically slept for two or three weeks, I can't remember it was all a blurrrrrr to me.
    Musinex and sudafed (not the kind you get permission from the pharmacist, but the cheap kind)It keeps the drips away, lots of water and maybe someone at the sawmill could shoot you, with some kind of medicine in the back-side.
    Have you seen the episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun where Dick is charged for crackers by Lucy the cafeteria lady. I tried to find it on Youtube so you wouldn't have to look for it, but I know it is the episode entitled Sally's and Don's first kiss. 3rd season 24th episode.
    I imagine your cafeteria lady looking like Lucy. ha ha ha
    Get well

  2. Check this one out. look at about 333, if you don't want to watch the whole thing. (1/3)

    here are the second and third parts of the episode. (2/3) (3/3)

    Dave and I are hooked on this funny show. I purchased all six episodes.