Saturday, February 13, 2010

muddy feet and loving hearts

That's the thing about snow, you see. When it finally melts the ground is kinda sorta like all smooshy and then you get stuck in the muck. Thank goodness I have old tennis shoes for days like this. I took a walk around the lawn yard today when the sun was out and found some flowers which just tickled me to death. Two new crocuses *plural: croci* one yellow and the other purple. Daffodils are up with a bud here and there just waiting for a warm day to pop open. I think we'll retire the ancient pair of Doc Martens that we've worn for twelves years, off and on. If this back to normal seasons theme is to continue, I will need something more comfy for next winter.

I've already received a Valentine, and it's only V-day eve. BG went to help her Memaw with the Jitterbug which is their project du jour, and came home with a pearl heart necklace that Daddy surprised Mom with sometime during the 56 years they've been married. The way I keep up with that is that they were wed one year before I was born in '55. I'm sure we'll have a lovely anniversary breakfast at Mel's tomorrow. After early service at the FUMC, of course.



  1. I gotta get me to Mel's one o' these days...

  2. Those brave little flowers..God bless them.