Tuesday, February 23, 2010

miracles in motion

We had a staff meeting this afternoon that could have been a real snoozer, but turned out to be one of Big Ernie's little miracles just to remind us who we are. I always told BG that when she left the house as a teenager " Remember who you are!" Yeah, right ...she would snarl and go on her merry way to being not too bad of a kid but quite moody as girl children can become as teens. I remember....because I was one once and as mama would say, I paid for my raising. Now that she's a social worker and sees how some mommas are, I'm in prime position for mother of the year, homemade cookies and garden and all. I have a particular habit of praying for courage and faith in most any situation, not just the scary ones. I may not stop and say the actual sentence but Big Ernie knows what I mean because..well. He just does.

I thought about how we had grown as a family together through two sales from a county owned to a not-for-profit to our present company. Children have been born, grown up and married and had many a high school graduation. Parents have died. CEWhatevers have come and gone. There was one particular boss that we had who was well suited for the job as a nursing graduate with administrative experience. It was fun then....back in the day. We had festivals and played around because that's what non-profits to not show a profit. Our facility was bought during a bidding war between two church affiliated companies in the heat of battle. Both of them wanted control of the "feeder" hospitals in the western part of TN to increase their home base patient population down south. But then...our owner's vision changed to "let's lose those seven and concentrate on transplant medicine with UT" I was a delegate to annual conference the year that our CEO appeared and did the pitch at the end of opening night. I was NOT amused. And that is when I began to fall out-of-love with the UMC. Well, that and seeing all those poor gay people jumping off the balcony at that big meeting..

My parents still attend weekly and I cruise up into the parking lot in the trusty old Camry with two hubcaps to ferry them to Mel's and stop by Van's (on the way home, of course). Church friends often give them rides and that means a lot to them and to us. That's what believers do, I think. They seek each other out on the road of life and talk about things...try to find a common spirit that everybody can connect with. It's a whole lot more comforting than the hellfire and brimstone version.

Ya'll keep the faith ^j^

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