Friday, February 26, 2010

cigars and beer

I got to watch coverage of the olympic games while sitting in the dentist chair waiting to get, literally. I asked sweet little Steph to just put me on gas because I already knew it would take two hours. The first news that greeted me on Yahoo! today was about a bunch of folks being all stirred up over the Canadian girls having a beer and cigar on the ice after their hockey game. If it wasn't so stupid, I would have cried. Instead I got the biggest belly laugh I've had this week over those gals whooping it up over a win. The training required for those games is more than most people can ever imagine, and the competition is fierce. If you've earned your way there, you've earned the right to celebrate as long as you don't get rowdy and knock each other in the head with beer bottles.

Bubba's Christmas present from me every year is a few rounds of feeding his poker club on "wild meat monday". I've done pork tenderloin, spaghetti and chicken ro-tel before. This time I'm going basic with meat loaf and veggies. Guys love it and it's easy. I'm working this weekend so there will be little extra time for a lot of food prep. BG and BF are on the road to a couple of places and the dogs have stayed right next to me the whole time. Nothing like having babies that love you!!

I'm so impatient that I picked a daffodil bud yesterday and put it in water just to see if I could get it to open up. didn't work. You can't fool mother nature.

^j^ Keep the faith

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  1. I've sort of 'rediscovered' meatloaf. The late dear husband was the meatloaf maker & I don't think I had it once in the three years after he passed. Then when the new SO showed up, I dug out the recipe and added it to the rotation. Meatloaf sandwiches for lunch. Mmmm.