Sunday, February 28, 2010

i saw the light

You know the one. At the end of the tunnel where you just want the pain to go away but something's holding you back. Like it's not your time. I am serious when I say that whatever the hell the bug is I've had coupled with a day of dentistry knocked me on my butt. I go down early and easily now, not fighting the urge to rest and relax because I know my body needs it. It needed it twenty years ago but my plate was kinda full then with a young child and a marriage coming apart at the seams. That's a whole 'nother story that has probably been told in one of the other places chapters. If I ever do get the book written I know EXACTLY who I'm going to hire as co-writers. Hint: We love chips and salsa. One has the imagination and the other is a wizard with organizing things. How can we go wrong???

My house is passable by very lenient standards and that's okay. As long as we can get from room to room without tripping, it's all good. It will get clean before any grandbabies come along to crawl on the floor. I hear the helicopter flying over that was landing when I left work today. A couple of law cars and a helicopter usually means something bad. I always pray for those people in the choppers and for the ones who are caring for the patients. I guess I feel like I know 'em. Does that mean I love my job? You bet your ass I do.

Ya'll enjoy your Monday. And count your blessings that you're not getting a pap smear like poor little me. Wahhhhhh.

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