Friday, February 12, 2010

all my rowdy friends

I've been hitting the sack soon after dark since the snow has been around, so I was snoozing like a baby when my phone rang last night. It was on the dresser, so I let it ring and slept right on. Then it rang again. And again, I slept right on. This morning when I woke up (late,again) and checked my messages there was one from Yaya's phone featuring one Mr. Studley Hungwell wishing me a happy valentine's day. The voice sounded familiar but I went on to the next one and found that my dear friends were out partying without me and Pinky got put up to calling first. Yeah...I love ya'll back :)Me and Yaya and our redneck friend used to hit up the kudzu bar EVERY Thursday afternoon for ladies night. Eventually we got tired of being the entertainment for a bunch of guys sitting in the dark watching sports and playing dominos. We'd all just rather be at home with our beer.

The old poopster has contracted herself to pay monthly on a contract for a bridge. I told BG I had "sold my soul" to the dentist. She will have to do the same for a congenitally missing front tooth that has been precariously patched since she got her braces off at 15. It's time for that or an implant, which was also my other choice. I think not.

Our dance card is full, as usual, this weekend but I plan on spending some time for myself with some pampering of the skin and nails. Maybe I can talk the other roommate into giving me and BG both massages. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hope your day of love is filled to the brim with it!


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  1. Poopie, maybe you should have answered the phone... I think I know that guy! LOL