Sunday, February 7, 2010

angel boy

We don't normally do a lot of outpatient work on weekends because of staffing issues. Usually when the front doorbell rings, it's one of us coming in or going out. This afternoon, right before I left, I spotted two women with a baby come in. Receiving chemo at a regional children's cancer center, he was there to make sure his blood counts don't get too low. His skin was a pale yellow from jaundice but when he grinned that grin it was like sunshine on a rainy day. I really HATE being the one giving the ouchy sometimes! His grandma told me how amazing it is that he's such a loving and happy child, considering what he's been through in one short year of life. I passed them in the waiting room on my way out and grandma waved. He was smooth snuggled up to her chest. That.....made me smile. He's lucky to have her.

There is talk of more wintry stuff tomorrow and I say "whatever." Maybe they'll call and cancel my pap smear so I can stay home all day. Becoming a homebody has been something that some folks have questioned as being having some kind of major depression or something. It's not that at all....I'm depressed when I can't spend enough time here with my family and my dogs. I'm looking forward to yard work with a little help from the roomies now and then. My parents are nearby and that makes a lot of difference in us being able to run in and out on errands for them. Most every day my phone will ring around breakfast time at work and it's Daddy wanting bananas. He might run out, you know? THEN what would he eat?????? BG got a dose of Mel's today with both of them while I was working. We just adore the biscuits at that place.

Things are peaceful for now. Do I hear an amen?

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