Saturday, February 20, 2010

this old house

It's a good thing I'm not real picky about a clean house like some women people because it's an impossible task for one who lives in a hundred year old farm dwelling with two dogs and two other humans. Oh...and a cat. The lighting is dim so that helps me to get away with a few extra dust bunnies but by golly, the broom is my best friend on a sunny day when I can actually see them! My work alarm went off at seven today so I was up and out early doing the dollar store and kroger thing. I saw Bubba and Bandit at the fuel center, then went on to Mom's to deliver some stuff.

That asparagus bed has been staring at me through the "office" window for months now, begging to be cleared out so that the new crop can have room. And I do so love torching shit. It was still damp enough that I didn't have to worry about burning down the entire lane (which I did almost do one time) and lots of leaves to get it started. Voila! Ready for spring. Wonderful grilled with lemon juice and butter. We are out of propane again, and not in any hurry since it's warm. That grill will probably be put to use today.

Both dogs are chilling and so am I. As Martha would say "It's a good thing."


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