Tuesday, February 9, 2010

snow cream for breakfast

I really thought that was came and went yesterday morning was it for the snow. Ha. Here it came again with about five inches last night. Just enough to be pretty and not dangerous. The roommates woke me up early this morning, one getting ready for work and the other doing the snow day dance. And I was dreading working 3-11 this evening. I crawled back into the warm bed to nap until time to get ready and the phone started ringing from work. One our folks called in for tomorrow's shift and I was gonna have to go back in the morning. The last time I worked the evening shift I stayed up until 3AM and it took a week to get over it! Anywho...we worked it all out with a little ingenuity and some flexible scheduling and I'm off today to enjoy one of the rare days at home that me and the BG get to share. She's cooking chili, or as she says "stewing it" and I've dug out both cars and been to the store. The rest is just play time.

Serendipity. I love it when that happens ^j^


  1. wahoo. that sounds like a wonderful day

  2. Diggin out after five inches. Sounds like what we had a year ago. It just kept coming day after day, dumping mega loads. I'm glad this year we have an early spring, even if it is playing havoc with our Olympic event hosting.

    Hugs and prayers.