Friday, February 5, 2010

get over it

Two or three of my handful of attempts to sing karaoke have been with "Get Over It" by the Eagles. I must say that I did a good job each and every time because I know it by heart. That song became my anthem for a long while after the album was released because that's just about how I feel about things these days. So you've been hurt...most people have. You deal with the anger, forgive and go on. Life is way too short to be spent carrying around that extra weight called a grudge. As for me, if I feel that someone really needs for me to listen, I'm all ears. There comes a point, though, when listening to someone go over and OVER how they've been done wrong just enables them to stay stuck there. It took me a long time to learn that, especially with men. Bless my little southern girl heart! By the way, the others were songs by Sugarland and Bonnie Raitt.

Yesterday and today have been on-the-run days off from the sawmill, picking up things that we and my parents need and exploring options. I'm dying for spring to arrive so I can take some pictures of something besides melting snow and mud. I was driving down the highway headed home yesterday and spotted a dead animal next to the bridge over the Forked Deer river. It was about Daisy's size and coloring, so I turned around and went back. Yeah, I duh. I'm hoofing it down the highway with trucks whizzing by looking for my long lost beagle. It turned out to be a ginormous rabbit so I'm still believing she's in the kids' lap somewhere.

I'm on for the weekend at the sawmill so ya'll stay well and don't clog up the emergency room any more than necessary.


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