Tuesday, February 16, 2010

silence is golden

The snow is still falling here and there, with little accumulation but a whole lot of lingering cold air. Not much sweatin' going on around here these days, but this too shall pass. I can see grass, and some of it is green under the dead leaves. Soon, it will be time to mow and plant and mulch. Any my lazy butt will probably just wander in the yard looking at pretty things and smiling. Definitely a farmer's daughter.

We have a new co-worker in training who is delivering her only son back to the military for deployment to Afghanistan soon. I cannot imagine what she must be feeling, all the while learning a new job and new people. She joined us for our weekly mexican fix at lunch today and was surprised at how easily she has fit in with the new group. She's a lot like me...very to the point and not easily flustered, so I like her already. These days the people who are real enough to be who they are with no excuses are the type I like to hang with. Life is too short for pretenders, ya know?

So far, so good with the no aricept and Daddy's behavior. The FTD symptoms are still there, but the anxiety and irritability seem to have slacked off somewhat. We love us some baby steps. Mom has some new audiovisual assistance in the works so that will keep her amused for hours I'm sure.

Meanwhile, the hunt wait for sugadaddy continues. With a faithful heart, as always ^j^

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