Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hump day

Well, to most folks it is. For me it's kinda sorta like Friday because I'm off for two days and working the weekend. I take Fridays anyway that I can get them, even if they're on Wednesday. Schools will finally be back in session full force tomorrow, but there's more snow on the way so who the heck knows. Not my problem :) I just have to make sure there's enough blood to go around if there's some sort of disaster or even if there's just some elderly person who needs a boost. Five percent of our population donates blood for the other 95%. How's that for beating the odds? I have some pro-bono work to do in that direction over the next week or so, and that's okay. I might as well be typing for work!

The dogs are out in the field digging through snow for half frozen moles and field mice. Daisy is still MIA so I figure she's on the back roads, heading north to Kentucky where her family is. Wouldn't that be a killer ending! Either that or the the one about the little kid loving her with all his or her heart.

Ya'll be careful out there. Some folks are just plum crazy.

And I'm one of 'em.


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