Tuesday, November 14, 2017

plan C

I was planning on attending the service awards ceremony this evening but one of those "things that come up" did just exactly that.  What began as a young graduate's first job is still where she's at 40 years later.  I have seen a lot during that time.  Leaders and demoninations have come and gone.  Lobbies redecorated and art purchased.  One of the final promises of MHS to us was that there would be a chaplaincy staff.  Within six months, he was gone.

The decisisons that shaped our futures in healthcare were made by a county board of comissioners who took the highest bid between the two denominations.  The facility, built in 1956 still stands in the original spot.  I missed being born there by a few months.  There has always been a board of directors that includes medical staff and local community leaders.  Those faces change too like employee of the month.  

We do an outstanding job with nurturing our patients as if each of us is a chaplain.  In the end, that's what people remember about their visits.  The system is abused by many and patience gets stretched thin but we know our stuff and act accordingly.  I totally love my work peeps.  

Reaves and Lauren are coming in the next few days for another home visit, probably the last for awhile.  She goes back to work soon and Bailey gets her baby all day.  They are the perfect pair!   The two hours Reaves and I had on Sunday morning is what life is about.  The next generation.

Always, forward ^j^

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