Friday, September 1, 2017

free bird

I'm off for four days and it's been a looooong time since I knew that feeling.  The rainfall predictions from Harvey went from flash flood to a reality of a slow steady rain which we sorely needed.  I went to bed with the window cracked so I could listen.  

This morning has been full with gentral' shopping and physical therapy.  I had an appointment after to view a property downtown but we got our wires crossed on the time so that will come later.  What I'm really enjoying is the freedom to take my time going from one thing to the next and dreaming along the way.  As I sat in the fall like breeze on the bench across from the courthouse I found peace in the simple act of people watching.  Only a month or so ago I was climbing those courthouse steps for jury duty.  People started filtering in for lunch at the cafe, homestyle cooking of course.  The county clerk's office is back home where it once was with a new and improved look.  

I had just gotten home and was on the phone with the property person when a random guy knocked on my back door.  Said somebody told him I owned that red log cabin down there.  For the 100th time I told the story of who owns the whole thing and everything on it.  His story was long and involved mulitple moves from Louisiana to Ohio and finally a landing in Tennessee.  He and his wife are looking for a nice place in the country for chickens and their three dogs.  I also met the wife and all the dogs!  If I had a dolla' for everybody who wants to live in that house, I'd be able to retire.  And honestly, I'm one of them.  It's all I would need after it's moved and situated.  I have a big old house here that is "a lot" for one person.  

Another former neighbor is being laid to rest today, William Swift.  His family still lives all up and down that side of Samaria Bend.  The dove hunt got postponed due to mud so no shooting this weekend unless the neighbors go down in the holler to make noise.  

Anywho.  Lori asked me in our initial conversation what I was dreaming of doing with the property.  It came up so quickly that I was kind of on the spot with no business plan, just some pieces of the puzzle.  Writing. Photography. Gift items like natural soaps.  Internet cafe.  A kitchen is a very expensive item so no cooking for now.  A this and that kind of place where people can wander in and out and see things that make them happy.  Maybe buy a one of a kind print or gift.  I know....I dream big.  All featuring local artisans.

What y'all think?

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