Sunday, September 3, 2017

reflections from 412

I still slept three hours later than normal and got my ready on to visit BG and Reaves in Jackson.  About the time I hit the shower the yard guys showed up.  Glad I was already awake!  I chatted with them about some additional weed eatin' and they promised to get it next time.  Said they are covered up due to all the Harvey rain.  

I noticed in the Jackson area that the damage was much  more pronounced which included an ancient uprooted tree that fell on a car in the parking lot at her apartment complex.  Thank the lort it fell that way instead of on the building.  There was debris everywhere and lots of limbs down.  Lauren said there was flooding as well.  Memphis took the brunt of it and it just moved on up.  

The crib is up with Mitzi's signature quilt hanging over the side.  She is slowly but surely making a pile to carry to the hospital that includes car seat and accessories and a going home outfit.  She has a gown coming and a couple of nursing bras.  The neighbors all filtered out to visit including Sam, Layla and Jonathan.  We had intended to go to Panera but in the name of avoiding Vann Drive chose Cracker Barrel instead.  It was good old comfort food with lots of leftovers.  We spotted a couple of things in the gift shop that if my mother were still here, would have totally bought for Reaves.  A tiny UT suit with an orange tutu.  A Thanksgiving dress with turkeys.  I bought her some candy and she bought us both mini-woodwick candles.  She rented some movies because all there is on her TV is news and The Flying Nun.  I kid you not.  She knows all about current world things because of that but it gets old.  No wireless means limits.

It still makes me want to spit every time I hit the asphalt in Madison county because Crockett is so perfectly smooth.  A car like mine could go flying in one of those Jackson area potholes.  I know the landmarks by heart from Country Club Lane to Jim Rice Equipment company in Friendship.  That's when I know I'm almost home.  

My nose looks like somebody smacked me real hard and I've noticed people trying not to look at it.  Lauren said I look like Grandaddy. As I drove away I honked at her...she was hauling laundry back to her little nest.  Gawd I love that kid.

We talked about every little thing over the din that is signature Cracker Barrel and remembered times we hauled the grands in there and Mama gave special instructions for every little thing.  Always with cheese on the grits.  

Y'all enjoy the fruits of your labor ~

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