Wednesday, September 6, 2017

which dog is yours?

You all know the type.  It's that person who really thrives on drama and inserts themself into a process or situation in which they have no dog in the fight.  None.  I find myself now with zero tolerance for that kind of shit.  And as a former co-dependent from hell, I earned it the hard way.  

Lauren is counting down the days with Reaves and saw the doc today to find that her BP is slightly elevated ( normal for me without meds ) so that bears watching.  Tomorrow is the final ultrasound which I will miss due to that pesky job.  But hey....there will be pictures and I'll get to see her in person soon!  

I played hooky from PT today but they were swamped so it helped them out a bit.  I have an appointment to remove one of two rotten molars with crowns tomorrow.  Sorry, but I can't do do two at once.  I have limits and one day off to recover.

Florida is at great risk of being slammed by Irma probably at CAT4 level.  On the east coast alone there are millions of people who may have to evacuate with limited access to roads.  The keys are already under a mandatory and more will be coming.  My friend Kathy lives in Tampa and was plotting a retreat to the little cul de sac that is Pensacola etc.  Who the hell knows what to do?  As much as I despise Rick Scott, he has stepped up to the plate with this one.  And he's not even up for re-election!

At one point in my life, I thought I had all the answers.  Now I realize how little I know in the true sense.  My life has been structured around work and making money to afford bling when I could have been living simply and mindfully all along.  Then I wouldn't need a Sugardaddy.

Namaste my friends ^j^

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